Career, Find your True Gift

Career, Find your True Gift

by Anthony Robbins


– When you enjoy your work, it’s like a miracle.

– Fulfillment in life is growing and giving. When you work, and do what you like, you’re giving meaning to your life. People that do not have fulfillment in life, lose excitement in life.

– The secret of really being fulfilled is to know what your gift is and do that.

– Many people are successful but they are not happy because they are not doing what fulfills their life’s gift.

– All of us have an in-born talent but finding it and using it is the beauty.

– No one ever on their deathbed wished that they would’ve spent more time in the office.

– Learn to understand people so that you can enter into the world. By doing this, you can eliminate so much stress people carry.

– There is power in concentration, when you concentrate your focus.

– Figure out what you want and what skills you need to get it and then find someone or something to help you get the skills and achieve your goal.

– If you do not feed your mind with good stuff, other things will end up growing there. Just like a garden, when you don’t plant or take care of it, weeds just show up.

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