C. H. Spurgeon, The People’s Preacher

livC. H. Spurgeon, The People’s Preacher

by Peter Morden


– He wrote four books a year.

– Started many chapels (churches, bible studies and preaching points all over)

– He supported many of the ministries he started by his book royalties.

– Had 2 secretaries that helped specifically with all of the letters he received.

– He had a 12,000 volume library.

– Many pastor said he was vulgar in the pulpit and did not like his way of preaching.

– Wrote a magazine called the sword and the trowel and had it sent out everywhere.

– Started of the pastors college because young men wanted to learn about ministry.

– He held classes every Friday and would teach.

– Worked on messages and although he wrote many messages, he threw away several while looking for what to preach. He would thumb through the Bible until a passage gripped him so much that he knew that’s what he was supposed to preach.

– He wanted to make the church larger but the deacons would not let him so one day while he was preaching he turned around and said, “like the walls of Jericho fell, by faith may this wall will come down.”

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