10% Happier

10% Happier
by Dan Harris


– The voice in our head can become very annoying. Many people may not even realize they have a voice in their head. We are not talking about hearing voices, we are talking about the narrator in our head, that intimate chatter from the time we open our eyes in the morning.

– Our happiness, shyness, skills, etc. is not determined at birth like many think, they are learned and acquired skills.

– It is possible to be depressed without even realizing it since your emotions have been cut off.

– Let the present moment be your friend instead of your enemy. Let it be what it is instead of an obstacle that you must overcome.

– Mindfulness is the ability to recognize what’s going on while still thinking





Investigate (why is it happening)


– Respond don’t react

– We believe the lie that we’ll be happy when we finish or do the next thing.

– Do only one thing at a time

– Do something that relaxes and distracts you.

– A research showed that compassionate people are more content and happier than others.

– Complaining will make you feel bad.

– When you are mindful of others you will be more sensitive to others.

– Not letting your mind get locked in negativity will greatly better you.

– Don’t think everyone is out to get you.

– Humility prevents humiliation.

– Don’t be attached to results.

– Respond instead of react to your urges.

– There’s no point in being unhappy about things that you cannot change… or about things you can change.

– Don’t force it.

– Be firm but be kind.

– Your happiness can be self generated.

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