Up From Slavery

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Up From Slavery

By Booker T. Washington

Being of his Race was Better than having all Served to Him

He realized that he could do more because of his upbringing than those who were raised having all served to them.

He did not have a store hat like the other boys rather a home made hat – but he realized later that many of those who had a store bought hat were later in prison and he was still doing right.

He had Caracter

When saw something thrown down, wanted to pick it up

Kept his “only” clothes clean and nice

He would rather do the work than talk about it in speeches

Made his Library

Took a simple box and used it as his first shelf and began placing his books there.

Valued the books he had

His Attitude Took Him Forward

Was not bitter because of his upbringing, race, or how was treated

Did not complain about food he had to eat, hard work, how was treated, etc

His attitude took him far in life – as ours will

He Wanted to Learn with All he had in Him

He learned not only from books rather from studying men

He learned in every area of life

He learned from everybody (even when they treated him harshly) and always strived to do his best

Every obstacle was an opportunity to learn from and do better in life as a result

No Obstacle Prevented Him

He said that he could do as well as anyone if he only had the chance

Hard work, race, etc never was too big of an obstacle for him.

He went forward because he did not allow the obstacles to stop him.

He Worked so Well that he Could not be Replaced

His thought was to work so hard that no one could replace him

He did not do a half job – even though no one was watching him

He later was promoted in many areas because of his principle to be replaced.

His Principle was that Those that are the Happiest are Those that Work with Others

It did not bother him that he worked for someone, frankly it made him happy

It was apparent in his life that he did not want to be the one in charge, he was content working for others

He was happy in assisting others

He Understood the Value and use of the Bible

He said that he tried to read one chapter a day of the Bible

He knew Bible stories and it is obvious that many of his principles were Bible principles.

I Owe what I have to …

He was grateful to others and named people who tuaght him

He recognized and gave credit to others

Did not Quit when Reduced to a Lower Position

When he was reduced to a lower position, he did not quit, rather determined to know “how” and was soon replaced to his position

He never quit – over and over he continued and always advanced because of this attitude and dedication

He wanted to Teach them More than Book Learning – he wanted to Teach them “How to Do”

How to do certain things instead of mere books alone.

While some had book knowledge, many did no know the “how to do” of life.

So that they could return to their homes and teach the other people where they came from.

Saw a Sweet Spirit in his Wife and not Only Looks

He did not marry because his wife was pretty, although I’m sure he was, but because of the character of his wife.

He talks more about the love his wife had for the people and her work rather than how she was a “knock-out” when he met her.

He said she was devoted to the work of the school and completely one with him in both thought and ambition

Because of both him and his wife having high character and love, they made a great team and went forward in life.

Taught his People to Love Others

His students gave food, coats, etc to others

The students began to love others – both white people and colored

He Wanted the Students to Build

Others thought it was a bad idea, but that did not discourage him

Later the students loved and protected “their” building because they were the ones who built it

They failed in how to make bricks, but he sold of his own possesion to continue although others were against it again, but later they became very good in brick making

Later his students left and became very professional in making bricks and building – they now supply neighbors and others with their supplies.

The Individual who can Do something that the World wants Done, will Make his Way in the End Regardless of his Race

His students became successful for what they learned

It became known that anyone that went to his school would learn how to do work – the value of industrial education

Order can be Brought out of Caos

If you stick to it, order can be brought out of caos

He said he was glad that he started out in a basement, on a foundation made by them instead of having everything already done.

He said they were glad that they started off like they did and grew little by little the way they did

When he Arrived to Tuskegee he Decided to Stay

He did not talk bad about the place – even when away from it

He decided he would like it and stand up for it

Praise Rather than Complain would do More

He found out that if he would praise others instead of find the negative areas in them, he could get more done.

He found the good in others

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