The Way of the Fight Book Review

The Way of the Fight

By Georges St. Pierre

  • Make a goal, make a plan to reach that goal, work the plan, and repeat.
  • Find people who are doing more than you and better than you, and learn from them.
  • You do not have to like your fear, but you can love it. In other words, fear might make you panic, but if it forces you to do something better, so be thankful for it.
  • Almost all winners start at the bottom.
  • Without obstacles you would not be who you are.
  • Some people learn to lose and some people lose to learn.
  • There’s a Japanese proverb that says fall down seven times but stand up eight.
  • The difference between a dinosaur and a cockroach is that one learned to adapt and the other died off. The cockroach is the ultimate adapter and survivor.
  • Always finish what you start. Don’t quit before you’re finished.
  • Fear can send you into panic or empowerment. You’ve heard of a deer in the headlights; it’s when they see the lights coming, panic and freeze. The results are usually crucial. Don’t be a deer in the headlights.
  • Change is a motivator. Change makes things different, and should cause you to grow.
  • Without risks, there is no real reward.
  • As you grow, so grow the challenges you will face.
  • Push yourself harder than others push you.
  • It’s good to realize that you’re not as strong as you think you are, it will keep you humble.
  • Work hard, but work hard intelligently. Be like water, it can be placed in any vessel and not break.
  • You’ve won the fight when you beat your opponent mentally.
  • To succeed in the fight you must know yourself and know your opponent.
  • Your real friends are truth-tellers; telling you when you are wrong or not right.
  • Greatness is found in routines. Show me someone who is great at something and I’ll show you someone who has a routine at doing what they’re good at.
  • How you handle chaos will determine how you do in a fight.
  • Dreams on their own are utterly useless, unless you have a plan to work them.
  • You won’t work to improve until you can accept a loss.
  • Fuel your body with good nutrients.
  • Your body is not a machine, it needs rest.
  • Brain is the most powerful muscle in your body.
  • Don’t spend your time with just anyone, spend it with those that have your same passion.
  • Success comes from learning to absorb punishment.

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