Relationships 101

Relationships 101

by John Maxwell


– Relationships are the glue that hold teams together

– You will be involved with others in almost every stage & area of life, the question is how successful will you be in the involvement.

– Relationships begin with respect.

– Find common ground to have relationships.

– You must have trust to continue in a relationship.

– Becoming relational will bring you success both individually and corporally (as a team).

– Understanding one another is very important in relationships.

– The least important word in relationship is “I” and the most important word is “you”.

– Learn to say “thank you” and “I am sorry”. Learn to ask what their opinion is. Don’t forget to tell them they did a good job. Try to understand them.

– Different people need encouragement in different ways and the failure to understand this will be the failure to relate and help people.

– People know everyone wants to be somebody with their life. If you treat people as if they are important, they will understand that you believe in them and see them as somebody important.

– Everybody can be somebody when you will simply believe in them and do small gestures to show that.

– Have faith in people even before they have ever accomplished anything.

– Believe in others: Believe in them before they succeed. Emphasize their strengths. Focus on their strengths. Tell them how you appreciate their strengths both privately and publicly. List their past successes. Help them remember their past successes, that will help them have confidence in their own-selves.Instill confidence when they fail. What people fail, they can either give in or go on. Many are not strong enough to keep going, so you can help them. Tell them about your own failures and mess-ups, and how you overcame them. Experience some wins together. Much of winning is motivation. Vision casting. Cast of vision for others give them hope. Expect a new level of living.

– Learn to listen:

• Listen shows respect.

• The ears of a leader should ring with the voices of his people.

• Be impressive by listening, don’t try to be impressive by talking.

• Listening well gains you both friends and respect.

• You can learn about people when you will just listen.

• All great learners are great listeners.

• A problem with many leaders is that they will listen less and less as they get more authority. They forget how to listen.

• A deaf ear is a sign of a closed mind.

• When you quit listening, people will find someone else who will listen to them.

– Commit yourself to confidentiality and respectability. Be trustworthy with the information when people talk to you. – You have to love your people and lead them at the same time.

– Put others ahead of your own needs.

– Just about anyone will serve others when they have to, but very few will initiate serving others.

– Make it your goal to move through the crowd and find people’s wants and needs. Then go home and make a list of how you can help those people.

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