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Marriage Done Right Book Review

Marriage Done Right

By Jim Daly

Five things that divorced people said they wished they would have done:

  1. I should have boosted her self-esteem. I could have helped, encouraged, and confirmed my love.

  2. I should have talked about money. Money can be a very big problem.

  3. I should have gotten over the past. People that do not get over the past become


  4. I should have taken more responsibility for the problems. You cannot blame

    everyone else.

  5. I should have shared more of my heart and feelings.

You can help your spouse to stop complaining by not complaining yourself. You can help them have a better attitude, etc., by modeling it yourself.

92% of couples that have regular date nights have an increase in satisfaction.

Couples need to spend time together using the following four words:

  1. Regularity

  2. Variety

  3. Adventure

  4. Fun

Jeffrey Bush

Jeff Bush became the General Director of Vision Baptist Mission in May 2012. Prior to this assignment the Bush family faithfully served the Lord for 8 years in Argentina, South America. During their time in Argentina, God blessed their efforts resulting in five churches, a radio ministry, and a Bible college to train those called to the ministry.

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