Marriage Done Right Book Review

Marriage Done Right

By Jim Daly

Five things that divorced people said they wished they would have done:

  1. I should have boosted her self-esteem. I could have helped, encouraged, and confirmed my love.

  2. I should have talked about money. Money can be a very big problem.

  3. I should have gotten over the past. People that do not get over the past become


  4. I should have taken more responsibility for the problems. You cannot blame

    everyone else.

  5. I should have shared more of my heart and feelings.

You can help your spouse to stop complaining by not complaining yourself. You can help them have a better attitude, etc., by modeling it yourself.

92% of couples that have regular date nights have an increase in satisfaction.

Couples need to spend time together using the following four words:

  1. Regularity

  2. Variety

  3. Adventure

  4. Fun

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