Keys To The Deeper Life

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Keys To The Deeper Life

by A. W. Tozer


– God demands all or nothing.

– What is your life producing?

– Does your soul cry out for God?

– Before there is a fullness, there must be an emptiness. We must be emptied of self.

– We cannot buy anything from God.


– How can you be filled:

1. Surrender

2. Ask

3. Obey

4. Believe


– No one is filled with the Spirit without knowing that he is filled with Holy Spirit.

– Being filled with the Spirit resolve all your other problems.

– To pray effectively, we must pray what God wants.

– Self is the serpent in the garden. Self is quenched when you are on your knees.

– No man is able to succeed unless he’s willing to fail. And no man is able to succeed if he is not willing to pass along the credit to someone else.

– You cannot be a genuine Bible Christian and love this world.

– The Holy Spirit is not simply enthusiasm, He is a person.

– Many do not truly want to be filled with the Holy Spirit of God because they still want to live as they please in this world.

– Be done playing with Christianity and throw yourself recklessly to God.

– Decide you’ll never take credit to yourself.

– Death to self is a painful thing.

– Worldliness has become acceptable and even popular in evangelical circles.

– We must become dissatisfied with the cheap form of Christianity.

– Follow the methods of the New Testament instead of big businesses.

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