How Pastors Can Bless Missionaries on Deputation

How Pastors Can Bless Missionaries on Deputation

By Pastor TL Jones

  1. Respond to their phone calls. Even if you’re not going to have them in they need to know.
  1. If you book them don’t cancel them at the last minute. That’s rude.
  1. Be upfront about your intentions. If they have no shot at support just say so. Let them schedule a church that may help them.
  1. Provide them with clean private accommodations like a nice motel or empty home. Putting them with families in your church never allows them to really relax. 
  1. Let the missionaries preach instead of having a well known preacher do all the preaching during a conference. It’s their best opportunity to convey their vision and passion.
  1. Treat their wives and children extremely well. Those children will never forget how they’re treated on deputation. Let’s give them good memories. We like to give the kids their own personal offering.
  1. Don’t bog them down with chores while they’re with you. If the missionary is working deputation properly he should be on the phone not painting your attic.
  1. Don’t overwhelm them with ridiculous questionnaires. Ask the important things about doctrine and methodology but please don’t ask if a man’s wife wears pajamas to bed — that’s stupid. 
  1. Check for vehicle needs like oil changes, tire conditions, etc. We want them safe on the road when they leave us for the next church. 
  1. Give them a generous love offering. A full Sunday ought to be no less than $300. A full week — you do the math. That man has got to care for his family and serving your church is worthy labor. 


Bonus tip: How would you want your son and daughter treated if God called them to missions?

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  1. As a missionary to Ireland for nearly 15 years, I agree wholeheartedly with each point. The first point especially would have saved countless hours of calling. Unfortunately, there are many pastors in depressed areas who are struggling. They could not afford to pay for a hotel and a $300 love offering per night, but they want to put missionaries in front of their people. I believe most of the churches we went to, and who support us have done what they could, but I think these points will help and challenge many to see these needs differently. Thanks for writing this helpful article.

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