Different Ways To Give To Missions

As I have traveled, I’ve seen various means in which churches give to worldwide missions. You may think that some are better than others, but it is my opinion that any idea is better than no idea when it comes to giving to missions. So here’s a list of different ideas:

  • Budget: Some churches give a percentage out of the general budget (10-20% are the most common numbers I have seen or heard).
  • Faith Promise Missions: Passing out faith promise cards and asking the church to commit to a certain amount per week/month/year for missions. Cards are usually gathered up at the end of the mission’s conference. Some churches have a mid-year conference or missions emphasis Sunday(s) as a reminder of their commitment.
  • Sunday School Classes: A specific Sunday school class supports a missionary. They read the missionary’s updates in class, take up an offering and support one or more missionaries as an individual class.
  • Children’s Offerings: On Sunday mornings the children in the church take up change (or bills) in the service and that offering goes specifically to missionaries or a missionary project. Others will take up offerings in the children’s church and use that offering for missions.
  • Wednesday Night Offerings: Although I have seen this with Sunday nights as well, some churches will use the offering from a specific service to go towards missions.
  • Vacation Bible School Offering: Many churches raise a large sum of money during Vacation Bible School and send it for specific missionary projects.
  • Individuals Within the Church: I have seen some churches that ask individuals or families in the church to sponsor a missionary. The church asks the family or individual to commit for one year.

What is the best way of giving? I personally prefer the faith promise route, but to be quite honest, any way a church or person gives to missions is not a bad way. And I have found out that the people blessed for the offering is the giver more than the one receiving the offering. It’s always good to give to God’s work!


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