Deputation is…

  1. Deputation is asking the Lord for new fellow-laborers in the harvest fields.
  2. Deputation is reading to each other mile after mile… after mile.
  3. Deputation is hoping you can make it to the next gas station before running out of gas.
  4. Deputation is meeting with a room full of perfect strangers and leaving with the feeling you have known those folks for years.
  5. Deputation is knowing every $.99 menu from Pennsylvania to Florida.
  6. Deputation is waking up in pitch darkness and knowing you must be in the prophet’s chamber of some church… somewhere!
  7. Deputation is trembling as you open the phone bill.
  8. Deputation is rejoicing over the 2 for $.99 Taco Bell crunchy taco special.
  9. Deputation is waking up in the middle of the night to a crack of light streaming through the bathroom door so you will know you are in a motel… somewhere.
  10. Deputation is selecting a gas station minutes before a church service to freshen up, comb your hair and get the kids looking presentable again.
  11. Deputation is scanning the support list at the first of the month to see who the new supporters are.
  12. Deputation is asking the Lord how you can better communicate the burden He have given you for the field.
  13. Deputation is trusting the Lord for everything
  14. Deputation is making new friends.
  15. Deputation is the blessed peace knowing you are doing what the Lord wants.
  16. Deputation is getting a note from a dear friend saying, “All in His time; don’t get discouraged.”
  17. Deputation is freshening up the message, never let it get stale.
  18. Deputation is using the support list at the first of the month to thank God for faithful supporters and families.
  19. Deputation is rejoicing over finding a new name on that list.
  20. Deputation is seeing someone receive the Lord as their Savior.
  21. Deputation is hoping for a gas war when you’re getting close to empty… again.
  22. Deputation is trying to write a decent prayer letter and sometimes wondering if anyone reads those things anyway.
  23. Deputation is spending the night with a pastor and his wife, and being strengthened with laughter, fellowship, and yes, encouragement.
  24. Deputation is knowing the “best” exits on at least one major highway…or three.
  25. Deputation is showing up to a church that forgot you were coming, but by God’s grace they took you on for support anyway.
  26. Deputation is knowing that you can trust God for everything.
  27. Deputation is the mechanic shocked you are back so soon for your oil change as he just saw you a few weeks ago.
  28. Deputation is the 500 hidden napkins you have in your car.
  29. Deputation is having every card to save you money on gas as you travel!
  30. Deputation is hard work but also a lot of fun!
  31. Deputation is getting your 10th iced coffee refill at Starbucks as you hang out between meetings.
  32. Deputation is getting excited when you get new coupons for fast food restaurants!
  33. Deputation is when a vacation is being home more than two days!
  34. Deputation is a front row seat to seeing how big our God really is.
  35. Deputation is a new nursery every service for your toddler to terrorize.
  36. Deputation is the best way to appreciate a home cooked meal.
  37. Deputation is learning to always be ready for anything.
  38. Deputation is a great way to stretch your kids to make new friends.
  39. Deputation is stocking the car with emergency cleaning supplies, backup toothbrushes, and deodorant for everyone.
  40. Deputation is learning when your GPS is lying to you.
  41. Deputation is knowing everyone and knowing no one at the same time.
  42. Deputation is seeing that you aren’t the only one standing for the Gospel.
  43. Deputation is fellowshipping with brothers and sisters in Christ because of the unity we have in the Gospel.
  44. Deputation is a time to grow your faith in preparation for the mission field.
  45. Deputation is knowing that a 6 hr drive is actually 5hrs and 15 minutes… or 8 hours.
  46. Deputation is waking up in the night to see the neighbor’s light streaming through your curtains and realizing you are “Home Sweet Home” – at least for a night or two.
  47. Deputation is thanking God for a mission’s house with a washer and dryer.
  48. Deputation is seeing God provide in miraculous ways again and again in the most unexpected ways.
  49. Deputation is a proving to yourself and others that you have faith enough to step out and do what God has called you to do.
  50. Deputation is making life-long friends that will hold the ropes for you on the field!
  51. Deputation is passing through a city only to stop and grab a bite with a sweet family that previously hosted you in their home during a mission’s conference.
  52. Deputation is reminding your kids that God has blessed them so much to be able to see so much of their home country while on the road and meet so many new people.

I would love to hear more ideas (funny or serious) of what deputation is to you. Send them to me at

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