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Anatomy of a Missions Church

Anatomy of a Missions Church

by Ron Maggard


– Head – Christ is the head of the church.

– Feet – we are the feet to carry the gospel.

– Hand – His hand must be upon us to get anything done.

– Ears – we need to hear from God, have our ears open and be listening.

– Eyes – we must see like our Savior sees. See the great need and have compassion. Double vision. They are sheep without a pastor.

– Heart – we must have a heart like God’s heart. Be tender.

– Knees – prayer is a very vital part of the church and is very much lacking today.


– “The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history.” — Andrew Murray

– “The need is great everywhere but it is still greatest in the regions beyond. May we not forget any of them. May God set our hearts on fire to get the Gospel to the next towns until we have reached the uttermost part of the earth.” — Ron Maggard

Jeffrey Bush

Jeff Bush became the General Director of Vision Baptist Mission in May 2012. Prior to this assignment the Bush family faithfully served the Lord for 8 years in Argentina, South America. During their time in Argentina, God blessed their efforts resulting in five churches, a radio ministry, and a Bible college to train those called to the ministry.

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