Missionary Mistakes – Part III

The third Missionary Mistake I have made and would like to present is that of “Culture Shock”.

Some may ask, is culture shock real or is it just in your head. I am not sure I could tell you how valid it is, but allow me to tell you some of our experiences. When we left the United States, we began with language school in Peru. Since it was only my wife and I in the class, it should not have been too hard, … but when my language school teacher only spoke Spanish and could not understand when I asked him a question, I got pretty frustrated. Ok, I will be honest, I said a few words here and there in his face knowing that he didn’t understand in Spanish (I have since confessed those things ). When arriving to Argentina, I on accident said words that were cuss words in Argentina that were not cuss words in Peru. I walked into stores and wanted to buy something simple and had to tell them what I wanted at one counter, pay at another counter, give the receipt at another counter, and pick it up at the last counter. I was now having culture shock!!

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Missionary Mistakes – Part II

Yesterday I shared about the main goal of a missionary and how many times I have neglected it. The second Missionary Mistake I would like to share, is the mistake of always giving and never receiving.

When we first arrived to Argentina, we had just came from missionary training in Arequipa, Peru. Our heads and hearts were full with passion and desire and we immediately began to use what God had taught us. I began to realize that in a short time I had given out all the information I knew through preaching, teaching, and the helping of others. I was now empty and what was I going to do. I had heard of missionaries leaving the field to go continue their studies, but that was not the solution for me. Continue reading “Missionary Mistakes – Part II”

Missionary Mistakes – Part I

Over the time, I see more and more how I have done things as a missionary that looking back was not wise. I plan to share a few with you in these next few blogs

The say “hind sight is always 20/20″ – and that works in the Lord’s work as well. I have made many, many mistakes and thru these few posts would like to share a few with you so that you may avoid making the same ones. You will find both mistakes and warnings. I hope they can be of help. Continue reading “Missionary Mistakes – Part I”