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Life’s Lessons on the Mission Field – Part II

The second “Life’s Lessons” I would like to share is the simple fact that God will provide.

When my wife and I were on deputation, we saw the Lord provide in mysterious ways and it was obvious to us that the Lord was taking care of us. Our life’s story on deputation was a clear testimony of how God works and provides. But it seems that sometimes we see God work and then we head back off the mountain and into the valley – where we do not see God provide for another long time. The amazing thing about our God is that he has continued to provide through the entire journey – He still provides as I sit and write this entry.

I have to admit that when we preparing to come to Argentina, we were excited, but very nervous at the same time. I was not sure of the exact city or location where God wanted us, I was nervous to start from zero, etc. But probably one of the greatest events that stick out in my mind about coming to Argentina was what began years before we arrived to Argentina. My wife and I would pray on deputation and in language school that God would prepare the hearts of the Argentine people. When we finally arrived to Argentina and was living in a hotel before finding a house and church building, our prayer began to change. We began to pray that Read More

Life’s Lessons on the Mission Field – Part I

I wanted to share some personal thoughts from these 5 years the Lord has allowed us to be missionaries here in Argentina. The next few blogs I will be posting will be specifically addressing “Life’s Lessons on the Mission Field”.

This first lesson is the freshest on my mind as well as a very recent incident that happened. Just days ago, on Saturday, Mindy was in the hospital because of the loss of our baby. To make the story brief, she was bleeding a lot and if they would not have taken her to surgery, she could of died. Most of the nurses and hospital workers were on vacation and/or out of the office. It seemed that no one was attending us and Mindy was getting worse and worse. I began to pray with her and then in my heart, “Lord, please let her live, I need her, I will be different, please give her back to me.” This big scare that happened, brings me to my first “Life’s Lessons on the Mission Field” – the need of your spouse. Read More