Have you Tried the Radio Ministry?!

I would like to share a few ideas and blessings about having a radio ministry.

Around March 2009, the Lord opened up the doors for a radio ministry here in La Plata, Argentina.  Monday thru Friday from 8am to 9am, I now have the opportunity to preach to a possible crowd of close to one million people!  Where the city of La Plata with surroundings reaches over 1 million people, the Lord opened the doors to preach on a radio station that reaches the entire city and extending outwards (except for a few low spots).  I must say that at first I was very excited, but never imagined all the work it takes to prepare a one hour a day messages. It is one thing preaching to people you are looking at, but another when you are talking to a microphone and imagining that thousands could be listening. I would like to share a few words of why I think every missionary and church should take advantage of the local radio: Continue reading “Have you Tried the Radio Ministry?!”