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How to get your church to be an indigenous church

I heard and took these notes many years ago. As I read back thru them recently, I was very thankful and saw how many of these simple thoughts formed my philosophy and practice of ministry. In no way are these infallible ideas or promised, success principles for ministry – but I do believe they can greatly help any missionary serving in any country.

  1. Start the first service with giving a offering – it reminds them, shows where the money goes, motivates them to give.

Four accounts for giving:

  • Tithes – maintains local church (Have a Stewardship Month to teach Time, Talent & Treasure)
  • Faith Promise (Have a Faith Promise month)
  • Other (Building Fund)
  • New Works – 10% of tithes – tell them we’ve been given and we should help give to start other churches so others can hear.

You can have four different people carry the four different purses of the different offerings – trustworthy people Read More

Achieving the Indigenous Principle by Austin Gardner

No one argues the fact that we should build indigenous churches.  Everyone uses the same definition for an indigenous church. The question is not should we plant indigenous churches but rather how do we arrive at an indigenous church.  There are all sorts of opinions as to how to plant an indigenous church

 Principle 1 for you to consider

Greenhouse principle.  Many plants that we consider indigenous today must start out in a green house.  They are nurtured and cared for until they are able to make it on their own.

 Principle 2 for you to consider

Raising Children.  Everyone agrees that giving birth does not constitute raising children.  They must be cared for and provided for until they reach maturity.  The parent each day expects more and provides less.  Control curve. Read More