Do More Better Book Review

Do More Better 

By Tim Challies

  • Busyness does not me you are a faithful or fruitful Christian, it just means you are busy. It does not equate productivity.
  • You must identify and root out whatever is stealing from you being productive.
  • Define your responsibilities. Create a list of what responsibilities God has given you.
  • Laziness is a setback to productivity. Things such as Netflix or social media can set us back a lot. Procrastination is too easy to lean on.
  • If you are doing things that do not line up with your role, responsibilities, and purpose, you need to either drop them, delegate them, or do them.
  • Sometimes our lives becomes like a junk drawer, full of things we don’t really know where belongs.
  • Use a to-do list and then go back through it later to see if you should do it or delete it.
  • Use a calendar to schedule and plan ahead.
  • Have a place (whether Evernote, notes on phone, or paper notebook) you can write things down so you don’t have to try and remember them.
  • Motivation will get you going, but discipline will keep it going.
  • Start your day out with prayer, and then a quick review of deadlines and tasks you must do for the day.
  • Do the hardest things first.
  • Try to accomplish your own tasks before receiving tasks from others.
  • If one of your tasks are not accomplished, schedule it for the next day. Do not let it discourage you, just change the date and try again tomorrow.
  • Break up projects into smaller, bite-size tasks.
  • Set a time limit on your meetings. You can usually get more done with a set amount of time than if you never set a conclusion to the meeting.
  • Prioritize your devotions. It doesn’t help you to accomplish a bunch of tasks when you have starved your soul.
  • Stop multitasking, it usually doesn’t speed things up, it makes them take longer.
  • Track your time. Every once in a while it is good to see how you used your time.
  • Plan a day where you turn off notifications and relax.

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