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Equality of the Spoils

1 Samuel 30:21-25

“For who will hearken unto you in this matter? but as his part is that goeth down to the battle, so shall his part be that tarrieth by the stuff: they shall part alike.” (vs.24)


The 400 men who had fought with David did not want to share the spoil with the 200 men that stayed back. David made a decree that whoever stays back should have the same part as those that go to war. The men who stayed back did their part just as the men who went to war. This is a great principle. Yes, there is equality in sharing, but there’s also equality in working. If the men did not watch the stuff, they had no right to the spoil. But if the men watched the stuff, they were having apart just like the men that were out at war. The equality of the spoil depended on the equality of work. When everyone works, everyone deserves the fruit of spoil.

The equality of the spoils can be applied when it comes to missions. How beautiful it is that when a missionary wins someone to Christ, that joy is shared. When a church is started on the mission field when a man is trained for ministry when a first-generation Christian gets on fire for Jesus and wants his entire family saved. What a beautiful thing it is when we get to participate in the fruit of what happens on the mission field. But, we must remember that the spoils (great benefits) for those that stayed by the stuff was only if they truly did their part. This was not a welfare system that anyone and everyone can have a part, this was a law put in place that the equality of benefits depended on the equality of work. So, how can we at home receive the benefits of souls saved, lives changed, men trained for ministry and churches started on the mission field? 

  1. Participate in the Work. 

No doubt that not everyone will go to the mission field, yet there should still be an equal sacrifice. Are you giving your time, talent and treasure to get the Gospel out? What are you doing right now that matters for the Kingdom of God? 

  1. Pray for the Work. 

We need more workers, everyone knows this, but are you praying that God will raise up more workers? (Matthew 9:36) We can be praying for the safety of the missionary, open doors from God and the fruit of souls saved and men called to ministry. The missionary will see the presence of God on the mission field, largely in part to your intercessory prayers. 

Are you praying God will raise someone out of your own family or out of your church to go? Are you praying that God will let you and your church support world-wide missions? How specific are your prayers? God is the One who does the work, but God wants His children to lift up their requests to Him in prayer. 

  1. Partner in the Work. 

The church of Philippi had fruit to their account (Philippians 4:17) because they sent once and again for Paul’s necessity (Philippians 4:16). They partnered financially and we’re going to reap spiritual blessings. But not only is there a partnership in the financial aspect, but there is also a great need for encouragement to the missionary as well. An email, letter or phone call just to say you’re praying will go a long way to let a missionary know he is not alone on the field. Even going a little farther through personally supporting him, mailing a care package, making a visit to see him and his ministry can prove to the missionary that you are partnering with him in his call for sharing the Gospel in a foreign land. Be his yokefellow (Philippians 4:3) and help him carry the load. Be his representative and spokesperson to your church. Be his recruiter to get more laborers to his field. Be his partner in ministry as He begs for God’s help in a foreign land. 


Here to Serve, 

Jeff Bush

How Pastors Can Bless Missionaries on Deputation

How Pastors Can Bless Missionaries on Deputation

By Pastor TL Jones

  1. Respond to their phone calls. Even if you’re not going to have them in they need to know.
  1. If you book them don’t cancel them at the last minute. That’s rude.
  1. Be upfront about your intentions. If they have no shot at support just say so. Let them schedule a church that may help them.
  1. Provide them with clean private accommodations like a nice motel or empty home. Putting them with families in your church never allows them to really relax. 
  1. Let the missionaries preach instead of having a well known preacher do all the preaching during a conference. It’s their best opportunity to convey their vision and passion.
  1. Treat their wives and children extremely well. Those children will never forget how they’re treated on deputation. Let’s give them good memories. We like to give the kids their own personal offering.
  1. Don’t bog them down with chores while they’re with you. If the missionary is working deputation properly he should be on the phone not painting your attic.
  1. Don’t overwhelm them with ridiculous questionnaires. Ask the important things about doctrine and methodology but please don’t ask if a man’s wife wears pajamas to bed — that’s stupid. 
  1. Check for vehicle needs like oil changes, tire conditions, etc. We want them safe on the road when they leave us for the next church. 
  1. Give them a generous love offering. A full Sunday ought to be no less than $300. A full week — you do the math. That man has got to care for his family and serving your church is worthy labor. 


Bonus tip: How would you want your son and daughter treated if God called them to missions?

If a pastor wants to see more laborers for the field, he should

Personal notes from the book Missions by Andy Johnson


1. Preaching from the Pulpit 

Use illustrations, use victories and use stories of all God is doing overseas. 


2. Praying from the Pulpit 

Teach your people to pray for missions, the lost and the need for more laborers.


3. Relationship Based 

Get to know your missionaries, their needs, their families and their ministries. Help them, go see them and send a group from your church to visit them.


What kind of missionaries to send out

Personal notes from the book Missions by Andy Johnson


1. Assess their Character 

Men that are self-starters, honest, spiritual and will get the work done. 


2. Assess their Fruitfulness 

Are they taking up space or producing fruit? If they are not producing fruit where they are at, they most likely will not produce fruit on the field where they go.


3. Assess their Bible Knowledge 

People who stand out in their knowledge of the Scriptures. They should both know for themselves what they believe and know how to teach the Scriptures to others so that it can be reproduced and lived out in the lives of others.


People that are not faithful and fruitful members of the church will not be good missionaries.

Evaluate the missionary that you’re going to support by making sure he is still logically sound, has a good work ethic, has the right understanding of the church and has character. Find out their goals and plans on their field.